Case Study of Millville Savings

Since 1941, Millville Savings continues to provide the City of Millville and beyond prompt and friendly service, the latest in banking technology, and great rates.

Millville Savings was formed in 1941, and 76 years later they remain one of the safest and strongest banks in the country. Clearbridge was asked to leverage the rich history of the bank, but make it relevant to 2017.

Millville Savings knows they’re small, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the ability to serve their customers and provide top-notch financial services to them. That makes them a strong bank! This campaign embraces the fact that they are small, takes on the “big banks,” and focuses on the things that make them strong.

In the print ads, we use the metaphor of the “ant” as a way to portray the Small but Strong aspect. The campaign is rounded out using other metaphoric images to display their strengths.

Together, they embody everything a person could want in a community bank.

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