We are partners in improving the DCPC brand image and are developing many tools together to accelerate our profitable growth. I value their vision, energy, creativity, and expertise, and look forward to the many projects we will work on together.

—John P Dowd II, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development
Diversified CPC International

The thing about Clearbridge is that they value talent and temperament. They go to extraordinary lengths to recruit creative, knowledgeable, insightful, and forward-thinking team members from throughout the nation and from the highest levels of the industry. Their goal appears to always to bring a world-class perspective to your project – and world-class results. I look forward to my continued involvement with the Clearbridge team on all of our initiatives.

—John Sarro, Manager, Marketing, Grants & Cultural Programs,
Delaware River Bay Authority

Clearbridge is hometown-friendly, always available to answer your call. They create our social media, advertising, email and anything else we throw their way. We’ve experienced growth thanks to our partnership. We consider them friends.

—-Stephanie Krise, Owner
Eric Krise Electrical Contractors

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