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Marketing Goals

Email Marketing Tips

The right email marketing tips can make all the difference in creating a successful campaign. Whether you’re sending out a sales blast or broadcasting your monthly newsletter, utilizing the right mix of tools you have at your disposal can help increase your open, conversion, and subscriber rates. Here are a…
July 30, 2021
Marketing Goals

3 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization

For conversion rate optimization, there are at least three stages to consider. And like a revolving door, optimization of your website is something that never ends as your brand expands, grows, or changes. Improving your current conversion rate optimization game should begin with a careful audit. The following three tips…
July 16, 2021
Marketing Goals

Marketing Jargon: Acronyms

These days, marketing jargon looks more like alphabet soup. SEO, CRO, UGC, TMP (we made that last one up). So many acronyms, so little time! To help you cipher these letters, we’re breaking down eight common pieces of marketing jargon to help you make sense of these important acronyms for…
July 2, 2021

How to Use GIFs in Email Marketing

Wondering how to use GIFs in email marketing? You’ve clicked on the right place. GIFs can be a powerful way to grab attention and enhance your email marketing messages. They can make almost any email pop with even the simplest animations and help keep your campaigns fresh and exciting for…
May 19, 2021

Creating Lead Gen Forms That Drive Results

Creating Lead Gen Forms That Drive Results was originally published on  Using lead generation forms, or lead gen forms, in your paid social advertising is a great way to capture potential new customers who are interested in learning more about your business, your products or your services. Think of…