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The Psychology of Colors

Many of our day-to-day decisions, from the clothes we wear to the products we choose to consume, are influenced by the psychology of colors. The ability to convey moods and incite emotional connections makes color one of the most important parts of branding and advertising. If you’re looking to gain…
April 15, 2022

Best Practices for Writing Taglines

A tagline is a short text or slogan used in logos, products, or marketing campaigns. The world’s most popular companies have used their taglines to convey a memorable message to their audience and elevate their marketing. Powerful taglines can help brands sell a product, reach new customers, or share an…
April 1, 2022

Defining Your Brand’s Purpose

Defining Your Brand’s Purpose was originally published on When asked to define your brand’s purpose, it is easy to reply with the flippant response of “to make money.” And as business owners and entrepreneurs — and yes, even marketers — can agree, making money is important. It keeps the…
March 18, 2022
BrandingMarketing Goals

The Influence of Product Packaging Design

Product packaging design can influence perception and, when done right, evoke an emotional response from buyers. We’ve all waltzed down an aisle in Target, Starbucks hot in hand, perusing row after row of products neatly stacked on crowded shelves, scanning for something we don’t even know we’re looking for: the…
January 7, 2022
BusinessMarketing Goals

8 Ways to Market Your Small Business: Part Two

This week’s blog, 8 Ways to Market Your Small Business: Part Two, was written by Clearbridge Branding Agency’s Rowan University intern, Emily Kowalenko. Part one talked about online marketing possibilities along with creative and unique traditional marketing. Part two of Ways to Market Your Small Business will focus on local…
December 17, 2021