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Marketing with QR Codes

Marketing with QR Codes was originally published on QR (quick response) codes have been around for nearly 30 years. Developed in 1994 by a Japanese engineer for the purpose of tracking components in car factories, they have evolved into a highly effective marketing tool. Although QR codes have been around for…
December 2, 2022

On-Site And Off-Site SEO: A Primer

On-Site And Off-Site SEO: A Primer was originally published on You have more than likely heard of SEO, but this optimization tactic is twofold and should be split into both categories: on-site and off-site SEO (also known as on-page and off-page SEO). Both tactics play important roles in how…
November 18, 2022
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How to Create Effective Marketing Emails

Email marketing is an art form in itself, although most people don't think of it that way when they're looking through their junk folder. In a marketing email, you're aiming to drive engagement and build relationships with not only your existing clientele but potential customers as well.  When done correctly,…
November 4, 2022
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To Gate Or Not To Gate Content

To Gate or Not To Gate Content was originally published on There’s been a lot of conversation—especially between marketers and sales teams—about gated versus ungated content. Should you gate your content and require people to enter their personal information to access it, or leave it ungated, open for anybody…
October 14, 2022

Why to Refresh Your Content for SEO

Bill Gates penned it first in 1996. If you’re familiar with SEO, chances are you know the phrase “content is king.” The Microsoft founder predicted content would be the driving force behind the internet, and more than 25 years later, that sentiment still rings true. Even more, fresh content is…
September 30, 2022