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The Influence of Product Packaging Design

Product packaging design can influence perception and, when done right, evoke an emotional response from buyers. We’ve all waltzed down an aisle in Target, Starbucks hot in hand, perusing row after row of products neatly stacked on crowded shelves, scanning for something we don’t even know we’re looking for: the…
January 7, 2022
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8 Ways to Market Your Small Business: Part Two

This week’s blog, 8 Ways to Market Your Small Business: Part Two, was written by Clearbridge Branding Agency’s Rowan University intern, Emily Kowalenko. Part one talked about online marketing possibilities along with creative and unique traditional marketing. Part two of Ways to Market Your Small Business will focus on local…
December 17, 2021

What is the ROI of Branding?

What is the ROI of Branding, as originally published Forbes. The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated many top businesses’ marketing efforts, but do these businesses have the proper branding to make the most of this acceleration and truly see a return on their investment (ROI)? Attaining high branding ROI requires…
November 5, 2021

What to Avoid When Selecting Brand Fonts

The brand fonts you choose for a logo, web copy, or packaging design can say as much about your business as your product or customer service. Insight of design is a powerful tool and should be exercised with extreme care and attention to detail. Selecting the right brand fonts can,…
October 22, 2021
Marketing Goals

Marketing to Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha: who are they and what do brands need to know about this generation? With every new generation, marketers have to grapple with a new set of customs, behaviors, and influences. Here’s why your brand should start thinking about this new generation that is already shaking up the marketing…
October 8, 2021

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Brand Refresh

From market strategy to brand identity, thousands of businesses undergo a brand refresh at some point in their lifetime (and sometimes more than once.). It’s a critical part in the evolution of your business and in the pursuit of growth. Identifying signs your business is ready for a brand refresh…
September 24, 2021

Should My Business be on Pinterest?

Should My Business be on Pinterest?, originally published on We often get asked, “Should my business be on Pinterest?” Our answer is usually, “It depends.” While not as popular as TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, Pinterest recently announced that it has reached 5 billion searches every month, so considering its addition…
September 10, 2021
Marketing Goals

6 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Email marketing metrics offer priceless data on the performance of email campaigns. Measuring the success (and sometimes failure) of email marketing and informing your digital efforts can help you fine-tune content, increase conversions, and even grow your subscribers. By first understanding these various email marketing metrics, you can leverage them…
August 27, 2021