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There’s no denying the power of Instagram’s reach. With nearly 1.4 billion monthly users, it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. But how do you get people to pay attention to your content? Maybe your design and visuals are stunning, but if you’re not paying enough attention to your copy, you could be missing out on a major marketing opportunity. It’s not always a piece of cake finding the right words to say, but our social media experts at Clearbridge Branding are here to help. Check out four tips on how to create captivating Instagram captions.

The Important Stuff

Sure – the maximum character count for an Instagram caption is 2,200 characters, but that’s merely a formality. Although you’re allowed a lengthy caption, captions get cut off on users’ feeds after two lines of text. Time is valuable, and not everybody has the time to click “more” in order to read your full copy. Include a strong opening line with a call to action that makes the point of your post clear, and leave any extra details or hashtags at the end of your copy to create an enticing, front-loaded caption.

Divert Followers To Your Website or Product

Instagram only allows a single, clickable link in your bio in the “website” form when editing your profile. This is why optimized accounts will have their most recent and updated blog, product, or YouTube video URL in their bio. You might be wondering, however, how do you get people to see and follow that link? When creating a captivating Instagram caption, include a clear call to action and direct people to check out your link. Don’t be afraid to tease the benefits of completing a CTA either, and let followers know what’s in store for them if they go to your website. Extra tip: if you have over 10,000 followers, you can add direct links to your Stories and encourage viewers to “swipe up.”

Capitalize On Instagram’s Tone

Every social media platform has a different tone that works best. While more serious, professional copy might thrive on LinkedIn, that won’t necessarily fly everywhere else. Instagram is known for its lighthearted tone. Capitalize on that theme and have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to get personable and share the human side of your brand when trying to create a captivating Instagram caption, as long as it fits your brand’s overall tone of voice.

Tag A Friend

Expand your reach by asking followers to share your post. Whether it’s something as simple as “tag a friend you’d like to go here with” for an Instagram caption on a picture of your brand’s cruise ship or restaurant, for example, encouraging your audience to bring friends into the mix is always helpful. This can increase impressions, help you gain more followers, and put your post in front of brand-new faces.

A Final Note On Instagram Captions

A good visual can make a user “stop scrolling” and take a peek at your post, but a carefully thought-out Instagram caption can take on the heavy labor and grow your account’s following, draw more visits to your website, and even increase sales. Focus on your audience to make sure a potential customer will be drawn in by your caption because, after all, the message is the medium.

There’s a whole lot that goes into creating the perfect caption, and it can be confusing. You might be satisfied with your designs, but are you still unsure if your Instagram copy is up to par or not? Contact our social media team at Clearbridge Branding Agency, where our experts will help propel your social media to new levels.