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If you want to grow your Instagram business account, start by reviewing your analytics. Instagram Insights can help you not only target the right audience but reach new target audiences, too. It can also serve as a guide for creating a social media business strategy and steering your brand in the right direction! At first, it might look daunting, and it is no easy feat to understand how Instagram’s analytic tool works, but our social media experts at Clearbridge Branding are here to help. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of Instagram Insights.

Learn About Your Customers

No matter what your brand’s marketing goals are, understanding the customer should always come first. Whether you’re aiming to create engaging content, drive sales, or just make your customers’ experiences better, knowing what your audience wants and likes is key. Insights can show you the specific demographics of your audience, including their gender, age group, and location.

Figuring Out The Best Timing

Instagram Insights can tell you the exact periods of time in which your posts do the best! Knowing when your followers are online and active is important when it comes to engagement and making sure your content is actually seen. Insights allows you to look at your posts over the span of a week or month and will show you when engagement and views were at their highest.

Utilizing Hashtags On Instagram Insights

Hashtags are a great way to categorize your posts on Instagram. Using a dedicated brand hashtag or two will make your brand more distinctive and recognizable, while broad hashtags can introduce your content to new audiences. Instagram Insights allows you to take a look at how many impressions a post has gained from hashtags, which is simply a #fancy word for the number of people you’ve reached.

Follower Growth

When trying to understand your Instagram analytics, tracking follower growth is another key statistic. Knowing whether your company is increasing in popularity and following or decreasing and experiencing a loss of followers will tell you if your marketing strategy needs to be adjusted. Followers aren’t everything, of course, but trends can help you understand the best tactics to grow your brand to its full potential. Comparing your content strategy while monitoring follower growth is a great way to understand what works for your account. For example, if you just posted a series of promotional ads in Reel form and noticed a rise in followers, then continuing to post Reels is probably a smart idea.

Determining Website Clicks

If your marketing goal is to bring users to a landing page or website, then Instagram Insights can help you determine whether your strategy is working. Instagram’s analytics tool will show you the exact number of clicks you’ve gotten on any links you’ve included in your profile.

Last Thoughts

Insights is a very powerful tool that can help you not only understand how your account is performing, but how to better your Instagram strategy. Now that you know how to use Insights, the statistics you see are concrete evidence that can give you an introspective look at the who, what, where, and why of your posts. After all, numbers don’t lie.

Still not sure about how you can use Insights to benefit your brand? That’s what we’re here for! We can give you the answers, so contact our social media experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency to maximize the potential of your Instagram account to the fullest extent.