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Why is it important to re-engage inactive website users? Well, after all, every organization’s goal is to provide a memorable experience to their customers. Whether it be on social media, email lists, or a website subscription, a brand should be focused on the consumer and their relationship with said consumer(s). Engagement rates are a very important factor when it comes to measuring the success of a brand, as that serves as a statistic for whether or not an audience is actually consuming your content. Studies show that an inactive subscriber is worth 32% of an active subscriber, on average, so keeping your subscribers from going dark on you can be crucial to brand success.

However, what about those users that you’ve already lost? Don’t worry – it’s never too late. Here are a few ways to re-engage inactive website users.

Give Up Control

Listen to the masses, and let your consumers take charge. Avoid giving them the easy way out: the unsubscribe button. Instead, give them the opportunity to change the frequency of things like emails and notifications to re-engage inactive website users. Make them feel heard by asking for feedback on what content they want to see and how often they want to see it.

Provide Exclusive Offers – But Not Too Aggressively

Discounts can be an extremely powerful way to not only get new customers but re-engage old ones. Unfortunately, customers who come in for the first time through a discount usually don’t stay very long. Your emails might get a lot of clicks, but that doesn’t mean every week it makes sense to offer huge sales – net profit is still important, but that’s another conversation. Reaching former buyers is the key here, as they are much more likely to stick around than a “free trial” type of user.

Include A Call To Action To Re-Engage Inactive Website Users

“Come back, we miss you!” Make it clear that you are aware of your subscribers’ lack of engagement and want them to come back. A strong call to action that boldly states the purpose of your message will draw a consumer in. If they already left in the first place, though, there has to be something that will draw them back in. Give them an incentive for that triumphant return to your product or subscription by reminding them what they signed up for and what they’ve been missing.

Get Personal

One of the most effective ways in re-engaging inactive website users is by getting personal. Simple things such as a birthday message or push notification on their special day will remind customers that you care. Offer highly-personalized content to them to get your point across: the customer and the relationship between them and your brand is important to you. Very helpful product recommendations, discount codes on previously viewed items, or nudges to hit “checkout” on that shopping cart will make the consumer feel heard.

To Wrap Up

At the core of engagement on the Internet is communication. What you are saying to your audience and what they’re communicating back is directly correlated to the success and following of your company. Typically a person will stop going to a website or page because they don’t see the value in it. Make them see the benefits of sticking by your brand, and re-engage those visitors who once were part of your dedicated following.

Getting inactive website users back into action isn’t the easiest task, but that’s what we’re here for. Contact our marketing experts at Clearbridge Branding Agency to move beyond just getting emails into your customers’ inboxes but rather getting them engaged and buying into your brand.