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Getting customers to opt into an email list is tough, but trying to keep email subscribers engaged can be even harder. A large list isn’t worth much if the emails being sent aren’t opened or clicked on. 

In this blog, our email experts provide four tips to keep email subscribers engaged.

1. Publish high-quality content.

Although this is perhaps the most basic step, it is arguably the most important. 

Poor quality content could not only limit new subscribers but deter existing customers from opening emails and even possibly driving them to unsubscribe. Targeted, insightful, and informative content will make your audience truly care about what you have to say while boosting your brand’s image and increasing your audience’s loyalty. 

Make their subscription feel valuable by including blog posts about a relevant topic, how-to guides, informative case studies, testimonials, industry news, coupons, or even specials for email subscribers only. 

Crafting a compelling and incentivized offer is beneficial in increasing subscribers and sustaining existing customers. Users typically sign up for newsletters in hopes of receiving offers and insights into new products before everyone else. 

2. Personalization.

Personalizing emails is a proven way of increasing open and click-through rates. Studies show emails with personalized subject lines are opened 26% more often than those without. 

Basic tactics include using a subscriber’s name in the subject line, but more advanced methods include crafting content segmented around a subscriber’s gender, location, interests, previous purchases, and more. For example, “Hey Jeff, we’ve got a deal on size 9 shoes!” not only addresses the customer by name but also provides a level of personalization that will resonate (and drive clicks).

Additional examples include sending a thank you email if they recently made a purchase,  reminder emails if a cart abandonment occurred, or an email providing tips or insights on the product they just purchased. Here’s an example of the latter: If the customer purchased a decorated scarf, send an email with five different ways that scarf can be tied and worn.  

3. Hook them in the subject line.

Make your subject line appealing and creative. Once subscribers have opened your email, be sure to get to the point. Most people don’t sit around reading lengthy messages, which will lose their attention—fast.

Avoid clickbait tactics such as phrases like “100% free” or “The best offer of all time,” and instead write in a conversational style, even if your brand is more serious. Make your subject lines catchy, and let your audience feel like they’re engaging with an authentic and personable brand. This can be accomplished by using contractions, emojis, GIFs, and direct callouts with “you” and “your” to speak comfortably with readers. Even asking a simple question such as “Do you want to save 50%?” will draw intrigue and begin a dialog.

4. Give your subscribers more power.

Noticing more unsubscribes than usual? Give users more power by offering them the option to choose how many emails they receive, whether it be a daily special offer or a monthly sum-up of your best deals. Remember that it’s much more valuable to have one subscriber who fully reads their monthly email as opposed to somebody who gets newsletters daily but never opens them.

Tired of email unsubscribes?

There’s a lot that goes into the entire email sign-up process, from first getting subscribers all the way to keeping them happy and engaged. Is your business struggling to get the conversions you need? Clearbridge Branding will make sure the money is truly in the list. Call now to begin: (856) 327-4141.