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A tagline is a short text or slogan used in logos, products, or marketing campaigns. The world’s most popular companies have used their taglines to convey a memorable message to their audience and elevate their marketing. Powerful taglines can help brands sell a product, reach new customers, or share an innovative idea.

If you’re in need of a new slogan to boost your brand image and overall messaging, here are four best practices for writing taglines.

  1. Keep It Short

Strong taglines communicate by being clear and concise. In order to be effective, taglines should be catchy and easy to remember. By keeping these phrases short, a brand can quickly catch their audience’s attention and emphasize the most valuable part of their message. One of the best practices for writing taglines is to use between three to six words. However, brands should make sure that, despite being short, their taglines hold meaning, value, and authenticity.

  1. Highlight Unique Qualities

Taglines help companies stand out among competitors and are an important part of branding. They are an opportunity for brands to further explain to consumers why and how they can meet their needs. Companies can use taglines to highlight their unique offerings. Some examples could be affordable prices, company culture, or timely service. These unique qualities should be part of a branding strategy to differentiate your business’s image, products, and services from others.

  1. Make It Intriguing

When writing taglines companies should avoid using cliché or common phrases. Your tagline is your brand’s opportunity to make an impression and attract new customers. Using clever, intriguing language can help make your brand memorable. Taglines should make the target audience want to learn more about companies and their products.  One of the best practices for writing taglines is to make it interesting by asking a question, having a clear call-to-action, or using play-on-words.

  1. Reflect Your Brand Image

Showing your brand’s personality in your tagline helps to reinforce your brand image. Branding consistency is another one of the best practices for writing taglines. To keep your branding consistent, use the same tone and voice that you use across all platforms. If your brand voice is usually playful, opt for a light, humorous tagline. If your brand voice is motivational or inspiring, your tagline could encourage your audience to act or offer positive reinforcement. As you work on developing a tagline, keep your target market in mind in order to use language that not only reflects your brand but also your audience.


Writing a tagline requires brainstorming, strategizing, and reflection on the brand. Contact our branding experts today for help in creating a one-of-a-kind tagline that makes your company not only stand out but speak to your customers.