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Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Kowalewicz

By October 7, 2016March 22nd, 2022No Comments

As Vice President, Digital, Rebecca Kowalewicz, is a believer in fully integrating social media as part of a client’s overall marketing and branding efforts. With over a decade of experience in social media, she’s seen platforms come, go, and explode in popularity, while always keeping an eye on what’s trending, what’s fading, and what’s going to be the next big thing. She understands the importance of digital marketing, while still appreciating its relationship to traditional mediums.  Her mantra is “Always Remember the ‘Social’ in Social Media.”

When Rebecca isn’t immersed in social media, she’s counting down the days until Halloween, traveling, teaching yoga, reading Kerouac and Bukowski, finding the next best Vegan restaurant in Philly, and spending time with her husband, John, and rescue dog, Dr. Watson. She’s also the proud owner of an amazingly large collection of fun-themed socks.