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Seth Pangburn joined us recently as a Copywriter/Designer, whose focus is to write compelling content—many times in 140 characters or less. He works with the rest of the social media and digital marketing team to understand client goals and then crafts content that speaks to the strategy, while still keeping the clients’ customers engaged. Using various social media platforms’ tools, like Facebook Business Manager, he then geotargets and demographically targets the posts and tweets to the appropriate audience, ensuring the best return on investment dollars.

 Seth loves writing so much that he doesn’t stop when he leaves the office. In his free time, he continues to hone his writing skills with short stories, lyrics, and poetry. He also enjoys photography, consuming music, culture, and all forms of art. Of course, everyone has a guilty pleasure, and if you stop by his place on the right day, you can catch him sneaking in episodes of Game of Thrones and Real Housewives.