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We live in a digital age where many feel a constant need to document their lives and share this content with their social media communities. From posting what one ate for breakfast to partaking in political demonstrations, social media fulfills a strong desire to feel connected, as well as validate one’s experience by sharing it among peers.

More and more people are utilizing video as a way to show what they’re doing and to reach a larger audience. As a marketer there is no better time to employ it to promote your business.

Facebook Live is a video tool that lets you create strong personal relationships with your audience. According to Facebook, people spend triple the amount of time watching a video when it’s live, because it’s exciting, it’s in-the-moment, and it’s the next best thing to being there.

Here are some ways to use Facebook Live effectively:

Decide what you’re broadcasting

No matter your industry, its important to stay focused with the content you produce. Whether it’s a how-to, behind-the-scenes, or Q&A, plan what you are going to put on Facebook Live and ensure it fills a need.

Let as many people as possible know that you plan to broadcast live

To reach the largest audience possible and increase engagement, announce your live broadcast ahead of time. Do separate posts to Facebook prior to your live video to alert people to your plans. Also, ask users to share your broadcast so as to spread your message beyond your established following.

Interact with your audience

This step is crucial to maintaining engagement and building your audience. Show your audience that you truly care by acknowledging them during your live stream. Although you won’t be able to respond by typing when you see viewers commenting, give them a shout out or respond in real time to their questions. If neither is possible during the live video, follow up with them later.

After your live video is over, it will still live on your page so others can watch it at a later date. To gain additional views, you should continue to promote the video and optimize it. Be sure to include:

  • A short, compelling title
  • A call to action with URL
  • Video tags

Need help implementing video for social media marketing? Contact us! We’ll help you build an effective social media strategy that optimizes live video.