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Instagram Stories are a fantastic way of engaging your audience on Instagram. But some are hesitant about Stories because they disappear in 24 hours, meaning that creators are putting in a lot of work for something that vanishes rather quickly. But does it have to?

Using Instagram Stories Highlights allows you to save and categorize Stories front and center on your profile so users who visit your page can still view and interact with Stories long after they expire.

This is a great feature for your brand or business account, as using Instagram Stories Highlights serves as a permanent reminder and display of your content. How should you go about utilizing this feature, though? Read below for our tips on effectively using Instagram Story Highlights.

First of all, it’s important to understand how to add Highlights to your profile. Don’t worry; it isn’t that hard, so let’s get started! 

Add New Highlight

Begin by clicking the circle below your account bio that shows a plus sign and the word New. 

After this, your Stories archive will appear, and you can manually choose (by tapping) the photos and videos you’ve shared to your Story, whether they be an active or expired Story. Make sure to add quality content that you want your audience to still have access to, as these will be viewed on your profile even before your posts (below your profile picture and bio). 

 Once you’ve gathered the content you want, tap Next to add your title. You have up to 16 characters to use in your Highlight’s title, but not all of them will display, so it’s best to consolidate your title into something short so users can read it and understand the content.

There is also an option to select a custom image or icon for your Highlights. The cover  image can come from one of your Stories featured on the Highlight, or you can upload a custom image. Choose an image or icon that represents the main focus of the Stories that are saved inside it. Click Add to save your Highlight from here, and bam – you’re all done.

Using Instagram Stories Highlights can be fun, especially when you’re telling your brand story. Make the content engaging with behind-the-scenes moments, provide tips and ideas on various ways to use your product, or craft a story that showcases different collections or products offered by your brand. Word-of-mouth content, such as highlighting customer reviews and testimonials, can also make for interesting content. 

Story Highlights can even be used for organizing resources and educational content such as infographics, podcasts, and videos.

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