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If you own a business, you’ve likely heard that “content is king.” But how true is this statement? It is incredibly accurate. Content marketing — or the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant copy that attracts a clearly defined audience —  strengthens your digital marketing strategy in several ways.

3 Ways Content Enhances Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Promotes Relevant Web Traffic

Website traffic, in itself, is not helpful to your business. You want relevant website traffic — traffic from people who are actually interested in your business. Social media, email, and other facets of your digital marketing strategy can also do this, but content marketing amplifies your efforts.

Content has a better chance of ranking on search engines. Therefore, it benefits your company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If a doctor’s office writes a high-ranking blog about the risk factors of diabetes, for example, any traffic generated from that post will be from visitors interested in the doctor’s services. The key is creating content that is both valuable and engaging. A digital marketing consultant like those at Clearbridge Branding Agency can help you craft great copy.

  1. Increases Engagement on Social Media

Social media is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Content marketing, on the other hand, supplements that channel. High-quality content causes social media users to stop scrolling and either read your post or watch your video. If they like what they see, they’ll click-through or call to learn more. They may also like or share the post, which then increases your reach.

  1. Establishes Authority & Trust

Like other forms of digital marketing, content marketing gives an otherwise voiceless entity — i.e., your company — a voice. In turn, customers gain a better understanding of your brand and its values. If the customer agrees with those values, they are more likely to patronize your business.

By creating copy that is not only valuable but also relevant to your industry, you also position yourself as an expert in your field. Customers also learn they can come to you for more than just a product or service. As a result, they will look to you for more advice in the future.

Just because content marketing has these benefits doesn’t mean you should start posting right away. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy.

The “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” approach doesn’t work and makes your messaging confusing to the consumer. Brands and businesses need a digital marketing strategy that works for your unique business, ensuring that your content entertains, educates, and most especially engages your audience.

Start with defining your content goals, create a content calendar to view what is being pushed out and when (and even track how well the content did), and be sure to audit what you are doing every quarter.