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E-commerce for business is an integral part of company growth and sustainability. Yet many small-to-medium-sized businesses have long-avoided starting an online version of their brick-and-mortar store, either due to cost, fear of the unknown, or just being unsure of even where to get started. But as the pandemic earlier this year forced the closing of most small-to-medium-sized establishments, e-commerce for business quickly became necessary for their survival.

Consider these three reasons why your store should start an e-commerce presence.

1. Consumer Convenience
We’ve all done it. In the comfort of our pajamas, we’ve picked up our phone or turned on our tablet and placed an order for something we needed or splurged a little on something we wanted as a treat. As customers grow acclimated to online shopping, e-commerce increases, and foot traffic inside physical stores declines.
E-commerce for your business provides access to your store 24/7, on your customer’s schedule, and when they are ready. From those who work second or third shifts, to those up for a late-night snack and surfing on their phones, your online presence offers them an opportunity to shop at their convenience.

2. Extend Your Reach
Not only does an e-commerce presence provide convenience to your current customers, it offers you a chance to extend your reach to new customers in your area and beyond. Besides the obvious limits of small-to-medium-sized businesses staying open later and longer, staffing, and overhead cost, an e-commerce store removes not only those obstacles but also the limitations of customers accessing your store from within a drivable region. With shipping options, your product can be purchased and enjoyed by consumers anywhere in the world.

3. Drive Additional Revenue
Customer convenience and extending your reach does more than keep your customers happy, it also helps to drive more revenue, and who doesn’t love that? Finding new ways to drive revenue with limited upfront expenditure isn’t always easy. But implementing e-commerce for your business, with a little bit of work on the front end, is one of the best ways to do it.

E-commerce is the future of shopping, and the future is now. Just ask Amazon. Are you ready to grow your customers and your revenue?