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Engaging with fans on social media can not only help to increase your reach but also turn followers into customers. The time you devote to building relationships with your followers can result in an increase in sales, customer loyalty and retention, and better reviews. 

So, what are some of the ways to accomplish this? How does one adequately run a social media channel and keep an audience entertained? Check out our experts’ advice on how to engage with followers and keep more coming.

Post engaging content.

Put simply, post content that is worth engaging with. This can be a poll on Twitter, a video about a trending or popular topic, employee spotlights, educational or fun tips, or behind-the-scenes content. Seek out positive reactions and offer content that drives a (good) emotional response from people. As you’re building a brand’s social media presence, avoid issues and wordplay that could be seen as insensitive. 

Respond to comments.

Remember that the big part of social media is the “social” aspect. You need to be social! If a customer or follower sends you a direct message or comments on your post, take the time to offer them a genuine response and do so as soon as possible. They are giving you an opportunity to engage with them. With positive feedback, offer a thankful and appreciative answer, and with negative remarks, offer a solution to show that your brand truly cares.

Include a call to action.

When you create social media posts, include a call to action when applicable. Popular calls to action (or CTAs) include “download now,” “learn more,” or “purchase here.”

This will help you engage with followers and keep more coming as more people discover your page through reputability and reputation. Just remember, many social media platforms do not like offsite (referral) links and may penalize organic posts by not showing them as much. So use your CTAs only when necessary, and consider using an ad spend behind posts that have them. 

Use photos and videos.

Use images or videos in every single post, as plain text no longer gets the job done. Video is king and dominates across all social platforms. Statistics don’t lie, and studies show that even tweets with pictures gain 150% more retweets than tweets that don’t include them. We are all visual creatures, and often users won’t even read your captions. Get the point across in your photo or video, and draw people in through the eye.

Ask a question.

Asking a question in your social media posts is among the easiest ways to engage with followers and keep new ones coming. If you sell a clothing line, post a picture of two of your shirts, and ask, “which would you rather wear on a night out?” Questions allow you to incorporate your product while engaging with followers, who might also feel compelled to send the post to their friends with similar tastes.

From posting the right amount to drive engagement up to sharing relevant content your audience will digest and enjoy, there’s a lot that goes into engaging with followers. Not everybody has the time to run their brand’s social media channels, but here’s the good news: that’s what we’re here for.

Contact Clearbridge Branding now, and we’ll craft an unbeatable social media strategy that will engage with followers and keep more coming.