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With 4.26 billion people having used social media in 2021, online networks can be a lead-generation goldmine for marketers. But how do you generate more B2B leads through social media?

Ensuring that your brand is on top of your customers’ social media presence is an important, albeit basic, first step. Little things like having an updated profile picture, correct contact information, and posting quality content are simple ways to help people know your brand means (good) business.

Online you’ll find a whole new treasure chest of potential clients and customers, and your goal should be to find the key to unlock them, but it goes much deeper than a new “About Us” description. 

Take a look at our experts’ tips on how to generate more B2B leads through social media.

Use lead magnets.

Marketers can find success on social media using lead magnets, free items, or services that are given away with the intent of gathering contact information to create sales leads. Incentivizing people to share information in exchange for resources is a great method of generating clients and leads through social media.

Become a valuable source by providing downloadable guides, research studies, eBooks, templates, and other white papers. Offering gated content, which refers to content that requires a user to input details such as an email address in exchange for the content, is an effective way to generate more B2B leads through social media.

Keep gated content forms short, as well. Avoid tiring out users by asking them to fill out a lengthy page of information about themselves. 

Free tools, trials, assessments, or discount codes can also be very high-yielding in pulling in new clients through social media. Giving followers a glimpse of what you offer now can result in the long-term as happy users are compelled to stick with your business.

Capitalize off paid social media advertising and lead gen forms.

Paid social media advertising is a highly effective strategy for generating leads on social media. 

Highly-specific targeting options on these networks can tailor your ads to the optimal audience and capture their interest. Promoting content on specific and relevant subjects that matches your target audience’s wants and needs is a surefire way to pique interest in your brand and draw in potential clients. 

Lead gen forms on LinkedIn and Facebook advertisements give users a chance to offer up their contact and personal information. 

These types of ads generally offer a higher return on investment, as people are more likely to complete these forms and submit them simply by clicking on your call-to-action button. Lead gen forms increase conversion rates by making it easier for users to take action without needing to type their contact details in, at the same time making it easier for marketers to collect quality leads.

Generating client interest can be fun.

While the whole process of trying to generate more B2B leads through social media seems daunting, it can be fun. Staying true to your brand’s persona and aligning yourself with the goal of forming a relationship with customers based on exchange and mutual value will take your organization to the next step.

Still not sure if you can tackle it yourself? Give Clearbridge Branding a call at (856) 327-4141, or contact us here and our team of marketing experts to help you discover the opportunities through social media.