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In our last blog, we went step-by-step over the process of verifying a business page on Facebook. In this week’s edition, we will walk through verifying your business’ Instagram account.

Instagram rolled out the option to verify accounts to all users at the end of summer 2018. Before this was open to everyone on the photo-sharing social platform, the process of becoming verified was scattershot and users really didn’t know how to get that coveted check mark.

Unlike Facebook there is no instant verification through using a phone number and the process does take a little longer. There is also no guarantee that your profile will be approved for verification. But because Instagram continues to grow in popularity, it is worth trying to obtain verification.

At the time of this writing, you can only verify through the Instagram mobile phone app and cannot be verified through the desktop version. To apply for verification, log into the Instagram app on your phone and navigate to settings, which can be found at the bottom of the screen once you tap on the three lines, also known as the hamburger icon.

From Settings, scroll down until you see Request Verification. Upon tapping Request Verification, a form will appear asking for your Username, Full Name, Known As, Category for your account, and a copy of an ID (in the case of a business, a tax filing or utility bill will work as identification).



Your Username will automatically pull through and you will need to manually input your full name, which is your business name, and the same for Known As. The category options vary from sports and fashion to music and business/brand/organization. For most of our readers, you will want to choose business/brand/organization.

Next, upload a copy of your official business document. Much like Facebook, it should clearly show your business name and address. Tap the blue Send button and all you have to do it wait to find out if the account becomes verified.