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You’ve likely come to realize that in today’s internet-fueled and information-flooded world, it pays to know as much as you can about your business’s online presence. There’s no denying that the impact your website’s first impression makes to someone who is considering your services is incredibly valuable. An integral part in learning more about your customer behavior is first understanding how users interact and engage with your website.

Low and behold the free beauty that is Google Analytics. Using statistical data and insights, Google Analytics plays a key role assisting business owners on how to determine what’s working on their website and, most importantly, what is not. Google even offers a free certification exam that allows you to sharpen your skills and become a web analytics expert.

Let’s dive into a few reasons how Google Analytics can better interpret your web traffic. You will have the ability to:

  • Monitor Sessions and Page Views: These statistics show you the number of user visits as well as their page views during a select time period. You will be able to see which pages on your site users frequent the most, as well as how much time is spent on each page. If users aren’t spending a lot of time on a certain web page, or are exiting quickly thereafter, it could be worthwhile to analyze why this is happening.
  • Set Goals and Track Conversions: Sit down and think about what counts as a successful web session. Would you like your visitors to fill out a form, submit an email sign-up for your newsletter, or call your business? Whichever it may be, with help from Google AdWords and Google Analytics, a feature called Conversion Tracking can help you better understand your customer acquisition cost. In other words, Conversion Tracking can help you discover the true value of a user’s visit to your website. Ex. 10,000 website visits resulted in 40 email sign-ups, or, 1 in every 250 visits equals a lead for your business! Now to start thinking of ways to drive more traffic to your site.
  • Demographic & Geographic Information: Utilize this data to learn exactly where your users are accessing your website. You will be able to understand your customer’s age and gender, as well as their interests based off of past web searches. This data can be leveraged in order to better target certain geographic regions and audience types.
  • Referral Sources: This shows the exact digital source from which users entered your website. You will know whether users found you through social media, an organic Google search, directly typed in your website, or though display advertisements. Referral sources offer valuable insights into how you can begin generating more traffic to your website.

These are only a few pieces of valuable information that one can gain from Google Analytics. Don’t let it confuse you! Give us here at Clearbridge Branding Agency a call at 856.327.4141 for a walk through on how to monitor and generate even more traffic to your website. Our goal is to help your online presence reach its utmost potential.