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What is a Bounce Rate and How Does It Affect My Website?

One of the most important, but sometimes overlooked, components of a web strategy for your business is the “bounce rate” on your site. It doesn’t help that bounce rate is an often misunderstood concept in a business SEO strategy that isn’t always clearly defined. Bounce rate is a term used…
October 28, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Kowalewicz

As Vice President, Digital, Rebecca Kowalewicz, is a believer in fully integrating social media as part of a client’s overall marketing and branding efforts. With over a decade of experience in social media, she’s seen platforms come, go, and explode in popularity, while always keeping an eye on what’s trending,…
October 7, 2016
BusinessMarketing Goals

Traditional Marketing is Not Dead!

Yes, Virginia, traditional marketing venues are still viable. And here’s why: We all know traditional marketing to be newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, radio, and television, plus literature, direct mail, posters, flyers, and the like.  If you’ve been in the marketing game for more than five years, chances are you…
September 23, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Pustizzi

As President, Kevin Pustizzi,  leads our talented team of marketing professionals and oversees the company’s day-to-day operations. His dedication to making clients successful is unmatched and drives the rest of the team.  And with a double major in Marketing and Management from LaSalle University, he can back up his actions…
September 2, 2016
Marketing Goals

Three Best Practices for Display Advertising

Today’s users are overwhelmed with information. How do you capture an active multi-tasker’s attention? Display advertisements are often regarded by users as bothersome things that interrupt their internet or app browsing experience. We’re here to tell you that it truly doesn’t have to be this way and offer a few…
August 12, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Seth Pangburn

Seth Pangburn joined us recently as a Copywriter/Designer, whose focus is to write compelling content---many times in 140 characters or less. He works with the rest of the social media and digital marketing team to understand client goals and then crafts content that speaks to the strategy, while still keeping…
August 5, 2016